Process Material



Plastic Film is use for making Carry Bags, Shopping Bags, Grocery Bags, Liners etc. Also applicable for Stretch Film and Shrink Film


  • Availability of different models of screw diameter ranging from 35 mm to 55 mm
  • Production capacity ranging from 30 kg/hr to 100 kg/hr
  • Use of Special Nitro Alloy Steel for Screw and Barrel resulting in long life and Trouble free Operations
  • Helical Gear Box with in-built Heavy Duty Thrust Bearings
  • Uniquely designed Spiral type Die ensuring uniform flow distribution and Better Thickness Control

Plant equipped with

Microprocessor based PID Temperature Controllers
All AC Motors with AC Variable Frequency Drives
Completely Synchronized plant resulting in ease of operation
Compact Plant Dimension resulting in minimum space requirement


Highest Production Capacity in the same class of Machinery
Specially designed contol panel for saving up to 10% of Power Consumption Resulting in Optimum
Product Costing compared to the Conventional Machinery of the same class