Process Material

Plastic Sutli is used for normal packaging purpose, tying of bags, plastic rope making etc.


Multilayer Plastic Film is used for making Carry Bags, Shopping Bags, Grocery Bags, Liners, Multilayer Stretch Films, Food Packaging, Pouches for Oil, water, milk, ghee etc.

Production Details

Capacity : 35 Kg/hr to 75 Kg/hr


  • Availability of different models of screw diameter ranging from 50 mm to 75 mm
  • Production capacity ranging from 35 kg/hr to 75 kg/hr
  • Use of Special Nitro Alloy Steel for Screw and Barrel resulting in long life and Trouble free Operations
  • Helical Gear Box with in-built Heavy Duty Thrust Bearings
  • Uniquely designed ‘T’ Die with Hard Chrome Plating and Mirror Polish ensuring uniform flow distribution and Better Thickness Control

Plant equipped with

Manual Lever type Screen Changer
Microprocessor based PID Temperature Controllers
All AC Motors with AC Variable Frequency Drives
Completely Synchronized plant resulting in ease of operation
Cheese type winders will be provided with selection of Coil width as per customer requirements


Highest Production Capacity in the same class of machinery
Specially designed control panel for saving up to 10% of Power Consumption resulting in optimum product costing compared to the conventional machinery of the same class



Sutli Plant
Plant Model  CS50 CS65 CS75 CS90
Applicable Material Virgin & Recycling PP / HDPE
Screw typical Lenght  28 : 1 L/D
Screw Barrel Material  High Tenacity Nitrided Steel 
Screw Type Sanderd screw
Extruder Output 40 - 55 60 - 75 70 - 100 90 - 125
Screen Filter Changer   Manual Screen Filter Standard  Hydraulic Filter
Die Width (mm) 350 500 700 1000
Machine Line Speed  160.00 Max. Meter/Minute
Main Control Panel  Standerd Control Panel 
Winder Type ** Cheese Winders  / Bobbin Winder
No. Of  Winder Station 12 18 24 36
Optional Unit ** Fabrillation Unit
Total Load Connection (KW)** 32 45 65 90
Running Plant Load (KW)** 21 29 42 59
Plant Dimensions  (LxWxH)** 45 X 6 X 8 60 X 6 X 8 70 X 6 X 8 90 X 8 X 10
We reserve the right of modify technical specification without prior notice. Refer our Quatation